Imperfectly Beautiful Baroque Pearls

A big inspo for our Fall 2019 Collection are Baroque Pearls. Each one shaped so differently and unique. When a tiny irritant is inserted inside the oyster shell, it causes the mollusk to create these stunning asymmetrical pearls.

In French, the word "baroque" means irregularly shaped.  While in Portuguese, the word "barroco" means irregular pearl.  The word 'baroque" has come to describe anything with a complicated design and/or extravagant style and also a style of art, music and architecture from 17th Century Italy.

Baroque pearls have been used for many years to create wonderful pieces of jewelry. One of the most famous historical pieces of baroque pearl jewelry is The Canning Jewel (see below). To be found today in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, it is believed to have been made in the 19th century and uses a number of baroque pearls to create its Mythical Merman figure.

At Lexi Jewelry we love incorporating imperfectly beautiful Baroque Pearls into our designs.  Creating a simply elegant jewelry piece that with transcend the test of time.  Available in 14Kt Rose and Yellow gold and Gold filled.

 Image result for the canning jewel

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